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The Gosport, Fareham & District ('G&F') Mixed Triples League, an Association of nine local clubs including Crofton, organises a Mixed Triples League Competition, a Club Cup Competition, several "President's" friendly matches among the Clubs, and a range of Singles Competitions for clubs' members.

The Gosport, Fareham & District ('G&F') League's website provides information about:

  • The 4-Division G&F League
    • evening matches mixed triples league, in which Crofton has several teams.
  • The G&F Singles Competitions
    • several knock-out singles competitions, available for Crofton members to enter individually; entry details available on Crofton's G&F Competitions page.
  • Several G&F "President's Matches"
    • friendlies within the District's Clubs and taking place typically on Sunday afternoons; for selected matches, Crofton will provide a mixed 4-person rink (or 6 mixed 4-person rinks when acting as hosting club)
  • The G&F Cup
    • an all-day event held at a weekend typically in September, where Crofton (and each of the other Clubs) enters 3 (or 4 when acting as hosting club) mixed triples teams drawn from its G&F League team squads.

Please see the G&F website for further details of each of these Competition types, including the Rules of each of the above type of competition/event/match and (for League and Competitions) submission of match results.

For further information, please contact the Crofton G&F Representative.